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Since opening our doors in December 2000 Headcase Barbers have pushed to restore the reputation and image of the traditional mens barbershop to what it once was, the cornerstone of society where families are made to feel comfortable and welcome, and where men of all ages know they'll get a professional and thorough service from people they trust.

Having seen the typical barbershop become a place which men would avoid having to visit through fear of what they'll be paying for, we've managed to use a combination of good rock music, oversized mirrors, top of the range traditional barber chairs and incense to reinvent and revive what had become a tired and forgotten industry, and why not have a beer while you’re getting your cut!?

We've always been proud of our family roots. Making our customers feel welcome whilst offering the quality of haircut our customers expect is a priority, and to this day these rare and comforting values can been felt in every Headcase shop you enter.

We're happy to be part of your monthly routine, your local social gathering place where people come for more than just a haircut, they come for a chat, a laugh, a confidant, or a moan, because our customers can count on a genuine person ready to greet them at the door!

We're not just passionate barbers, we're passionate people who want to give you everything you'd expect from a genuine barbershop experience, and enjoy it with you, and the music speaks for itself. Rock, blues, jazz and a bit of funk, it all adds to us being a great neighbour, a great part of the community, and a great place to come time and time again.

Come and take a seat, you'll see that we're so much more than just a barbershop!


Headcase Ink was born within the Headcase Barbers group after several of the barbershop owners noticed there was an opportunity to offer the young and edgy group of their customer base another product which thoroughly complemented the existing male grooming service.

The two trades have proved to be a great blend of fashion, professionalism and modern culture.

As the Headcase Barbershop group continues to grow we will look to develop Headcase Ink within the existing brand until it is in a position to stand alone on the high street as an industry leader in its own right.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the same level of attention and quality that you'll find in the barbershops knowing that this professional and friendly approach is the only way to move forwards and compete within a demanding and constantly evolving world.

If you're "Thinking of Inking" come and see us. We understand a tattoo is for life and we'll make sure you leave with no regrets.



Shop Enquiries

Please contact the respective shop directly via 'Our Locations' tab above.

Customer Feedback

Your opinion matters to us!

Complete our feedback form or write to us at:

Headcase Barbers, Ferneberga House, Alexandra Road, Farnborough, GU14 6DQ.

Franchise Opportunities

Are you interested in launching your own Headcase Barbers? Complete our franchise enquiry form.

Career Opportunities

We're always on the look out for enthusiastic and passionate barbers, so whether it's part-time work or a career in barbering you're after, you can find it at Headcase Barbers! Complete our application form.

200 Club Membership

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Headcase Barbers Academy

All courses are held within the Headcase Barbers Network. Locations on request.


Don't Be Anti-Social:

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