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Barbering Complete Plus

Come and join The Headcase Barbers London Academy, learn from the best with this unique spin on how to be a barber. 

Barbering Complete PLUS (NVQ LEVEL 2)

Are you starting your Barbering journey?

We can offer you a complete course coupled with a NVQ 2 qualification. 


Cutting techniques – classic and creative

 Scissor work – scissor over comb, texturizing, layering, and building the structure of a haircut

 Clipper work – 2-back and sides, clipper over comb

 Fading– zero-fades, 1-fades, 1.5-fades

 Razor touch ups

Beard and moustache trimming

Advanced disconnected haircuts

Style and finishing techniques

Shampooing and conditioning the hair and scalp

Cut throat shaving (Wet shave) 

Consultation skills

Health & Safety

10 Week Course

9am to 1.30pm



Are you asking yourself what else will I learn?

While learning all the skills to start your journey into becoming a Barber you will receive extra tuition free of charge surrounding the following.........

  • A full introduction to Headcase Barbers

  • How to run a shop (Marketing and Operations)

  • Shop Floor Experience

  • Instant job opportunities within our network of barber shops

  • Franchise opportunities

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