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Concierge Service

Headcase Barbers International is proud to be offering haircuts, beard trims and skin fades all across the country! 

We are proudly the largest barber group in the UK. We have built our company on three words. 


If you have a client who requires a haircut or any other service that we offer, please fill in the form below, and one of our concierge members will contact you to find your nearest Headcase Barbers and will organise the appointment for you. 

We will endeavour to get back to your enquiry as soon as we can to make this booking hassle free! 

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Thanks! Message sent.

More Info

Headcase Barbers International have multiple shops across the UK. 

If you are a interested in a partnering with Headcase Barbers please get in touch. We will happily look after your clients!  

All clients that book through the concierge service will be entitled to £5 off their next visit with any Headcase Barbers. 


If you are a client that has been booked through this service, you will be given a concierge card from the shop at your first visit. Please bring this card with you when you visit again to be entitled to £5.00 off.  

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