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Hello World, It’s Our Very First Blog!!

The inside of our amazing shop!
Headcase Barbers Bordon

Well, hello, We are Headcase Barbers Bordon. It’s good to be open for business!

We are the fabulous new barbers on the block in Bordon and you’ll find us in a great spot in The Shed, nestled in between our neighbours The Tap @ The Shed, The Crafty Shed and Dylan’s Ice Cream.

Want to know how to find us? Here’s our Google Maps Page

Our head barber is the lovely Olivea, we are very lucky to have her as she’s hugely experienced, super talented and very happy to answer any hair or beard questions you have! You’ll find her on Instagram at @Madhatterbarber or if you prefer you can always email her at

Meanwhile, thanks for stopping here and finding out more about us. We appreciate it! We’ve shared all the really important stuff already but if you’re still here and want to know a bit more about who we are and what we stand for– read on!

Like all Headcase Barbers we promise first class barbering services in a warm, fun and friendly atmosphere with classic soundtracks and free beer*.

We offer walk ins, but we recommend appointments as booking will guarantee you no wait time! It’s so easy and quick to book thanks to our professional Squire platform - check out the link here

The Bordon Headcase team are all about looking good to feel good – whatever that means to you as an individual. We respect your right to look good in any way that feels right to you. We’ll even make sure that your haircut environment is how you want it – just ask for a privacy screen if you need it, or if you want the lights or music adjusted, just ask us. We want you to feel happy and comfortable during your cut, whatever that means to you.

At Headcase Bordon we are committed to gender equality. We promise that your gender will not affect the cost of your cut! We believe that everyone is entitled to a fabulous no-frills haircut at the same great Headcase price.

At Headcase Bordon we know the way you look has a massive effect on your self-esteem and that self-esteem is invaluable in shaping your days and your life, as it is for us too.

So that sums us up. But enough about us. What about you, what do you look for in a barbershop?

The Bordon Headcase Customer wants a great cut at a great price no matter what their gender is The Bordon Headcase customer is passionate about wanting to look good in their own way, a way that allows them to move through their world feeling that their outer image positively reflects their inner selves.

The Bordon Headcase customer shares our core values of individuality, equality and positivity

If that sounds like you, great, we can’t wait to meet you! As we said above, we are dying to make new friends here so if you’ve not been to us before, then come and give us a go!

We are now offering 50% off all services on Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays for our ‘first timers’. If that’s you, you know what to do!!



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